maandag 23 juli 2012

!!!! looking for EXTRA SUBMISSIONS: let guy know !!!!


op zaterdag 28 juli 2012 vanaf 19'30 saturday 28th of july 2012
ook dit keer aan de fritz dietrich kahlenbergstraat 114/116 te ijburg

tram 26 takes 19 minutes from cs till the last stop & from there a 6 minutes walk
bus 66 till blijburg-strand & just 3 minutes walking

Guy Edmonds presenteert opnieuw een eenmalig avondprogramma onder de titel:

'Saloon of Refuse' TWO

Saturday July 28th 7:30pm

Back by popular demand and now featuring films found anytime, anywhere:

stichting raspoetin welcomes more orphans of the storm

Your films too!

WHY - What Have You?

Bring all and sundry (8 and 16 millimetres catered for)

No refuse refused

Sleep jullie vondsten mee

Programme already includes:

Prerevolutionary Cuban travelogue

"TV or not TV" a fragment of an amateur fiction film

A film about Ghana without the main title

and continuing our LA theme:

"Homes of the Movie Stars"

other media welcome: bring your own apparatus & plug it into our electricity once more

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